Kalahari Masai Meru Samburu
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  The Safari collection brings you through different regions and populations of Africa. The fabrics, that contain the natural tones found in the beautiful African deserts like the Kalahari and in the traditional houses of the Masai and Samburu population, are made of local, readily available and natural materials. The collection is a combination of a cresh uni and stripe (Masai & Kalahari), an elegant embroidered sheer (Samburu) and a faux uni (Meru). This collection has a luxurious look and brings great harmony into your home.
Composition: 60% polyester - 40% lin
Hauteur/Largeur: ± 295 cm
Disponible en 3 coloris
Composition: 55% polyester - 45% lin
Hauteur/Largeur: ± 295 cm
Disponible en 5 coloris
Composition: 36% polyester - 25% lin - 23% polyacryl - 16% coton
Largeur: ± 138 cm
Disponible en 6 coloris
Composition: 66% coton - 34% polyester
Hauteur: ± 290 cm
Disponible en 3 coloris